Property Management References – Owners/Clients

R.L. Wood & Company, LLC

Bob Kawa, CCIM, CPM
Real Estate Broker
Client Since April 2005
Manage 4 Plex  (Property that his father-in- law built in early 1970’s)

Sheri Pilgram-Woods
(Work)    480-644-5445
Known since Mid-1960’s
Client since June of 2008
Manage 2 Properties

Bruce & Kathy Harney  (Kathy is a CPA)
Managed Property since September 2005
Referral from another Broker that retired.
Currently Manage 3 properties for Bruce & Kathy

Donald Hoey
Work – 480-807-5770
Client Since 1999 and Property management since 2009.
Manage a Townhouse and taking on a new property for him next week.
Currently Manage 1 soon to be 2.

Kris Hansen (Hansen / Ritchie)
Client Property Management since 2005.
Manage Tri -plex (Hansen in Canada / Mother abroad working)   Grandfathers 3-plex.
Have never met face to face.

James J. Jelski 
Work- 480-242-7051
Known for years – Manage house going on 2 years.



Property Management References Vendor References
R.L. Wood & Company, LLC
Steve Griffith – Plumbing  480-964-6269e
Steve Father was our plumber before Stev took over the business and continues to be our plumber today.

John Oplinger–Safari Pest Control  480-232-4409
John has been doing our pest control work for about 18 years.

Jack Garvin – Roofer  602-430-4170
Jack has been our roofer for over 20  years

Greg/Lou @ Painters Supply  –   480-833-0339
Been doing business with Greg since late 1970’s.

George Phillips Paradise Carpet Cleaners
Know George for 20 years.

Clarence Harmon (dad) {Sons  Ralph & Brian}
Harmon’s Lock and Key   480-834-9431
Been doing business with them since the early 1960’s.

Greg/Lou @ Painters Supply -480-833-0339
Been doing business with Greg since late 1970’s.

George Phillips Paradise Carpet Cleaners
Work – 480-306-0821
Know George for 20 years.

 R.L. Wood & Company, L.L.C. Commercial-Investment Real Estate Services
1550 E. University Drive, Suite K, Mesa, AZ 85203
480.964.1745 – Main (AS) 888-361-9112 – e-FAX
602.818.-9309 – Cell    480.898.9306 – FAX