The Question: Is investing in Real Estate right for you?

The benefits of ownership in real estates are well known.

Investing in a Personal Residence offers many benefits and more:

  • Place to live.
  • Interest write off, if leveraged.
  • The ability to also deduct real estate taxes and insurance.
  • Equity Build up from pay down of the mortgage.
  • Potential of appreciation in feature years.

Investing in Investment Property offers many of the same benefits:

  •  Interest write off, if leveraged.
  • The ability to also deduct real estate taxes and insurance.
  • Equity Build up from pay down of the mortgage.
  • Potential of appreciation in feature years.
  • Expenses of operation offset income from property.
  • Ability to depreciate property.
  • Potentially generation of either a positive cash flow before tax or the ability to use potential paper losses against other income.
  • Tenants pay for costs of property ownership if property has potential rental income.

NOTE: Depending on the type of Investment property and the applicable effects of Laws, statutes, and rulings – the results relating to the potential return may be (will be) different for each prospective investor.

 Types of Investment Real Estate:

  •  Land held for speculation (7-10+ Years)
  • Land held for short term (2-7 Years).
  • Land held for development (6 mo. to 3 Years).
  • Single Family Property Held for Rental Purposes.
  • Small Multi-family (2-4 Units) property held for Rental Purposes.
  • Clustered Small Multi-Family property (multiple buildings with multiple units in one area or split as the market demands) held for Rental Purposes.
  • Commercial Buildings held for rental purposes.
  • Industrial Buildings held for rental purposes.
  • Office Buildings Held for rental purposes.

Type of Investors?

  • Single Family User (personal residence)
  • Small Investor (Typically invests in SF, 2MF and small commercial and industrial buildings and land for long to medium hold time periods.)
  • Investor User (Is a n investor that is also the User of all or part of the property to be acquired.)
  • Investor (An individual looking to invest in and receive a return on the investment of a specific period of time with out occupying the property.) Lives off of the investments.
  • Commercial/Industrial User (An entity that may just Lease Property for business purposes.  May or may not desire to own the real estate.)

How does investment real estate work from your prospective as a “small Investor” or “Investor”?

There are two types of Investors.  Those that are hands on and are involved in the every day operation and those that don’t have time and want to be free of the day to day operation.

  1.   The Hands on Investor is the Owner Operator/Manager of the property.  Considered the Truly ACTIVE Investor.  Deals with day-to-day, calls for rental information, vacancy issues, maintenance repairs and personal tenant issues and situations.
  2.   The more common (although properly involved as required under IRS regulations) is the PASSIVE Investor. (Professionals on a fee basis, relieving the investor from the day-to-day management issues indicated above and handle the day-to-day operation of the property.  Accounting for all funds, updating on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis as may be required).

To support you and in the success of your Investment, The Richard L. Wood Company offers the following services available to you:

  1.  Leasing assistance on a fee basis – (Leasing Agent).
  2. Management assistance on a consulting basis – (by contract or as required on a fee basis).
  3. Professional Property Management and Leasing (Turn Key – Full property management oversight – headache free)

What Would You Like to Do?

 Where are you in the investment process?

  •         If you are ready now we can assist you now.
  •         If you are not ready at this time we can accommodate you with market information and trends for when you will be ready to enter the market place.

If you are ready and are in a position to invest at this time we would recommend the following:

  • Initial consultation meeting  -(Determine personal requirements; identify questions and/or concerns about the investment process, types of properties, suitability to market place and types, personal needs, additional income, potential tax strategy planning.)
  •   Follow up meetings targeted towards your goals and requirements.

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